8 Levels of American Zen

"Scorpion Resurrection"
of The Hippy Coyote

Coyote is stung in the neck, just above his adam's apple, by a small tan scorpion while working a Brad Paisley concert. In 2012, just two weeks after director Scott Karahadian hired Coyote to star in a movie about himself, titled KUNG FU COWBOY ROCK & ROLL MOVIE 1, this feisty wiggly deadly critter stung Coyote and caused his legs to swell up for several months.

"Most of the damage to my legs occurred because I went back to work pushing road cases and wheelbarrows," sighs Coyote. "If I could've just kicked back for a few months, I would have healed up fine I think. But, being poor, I was anxious to get back out and earn some money."

Coyote's Covered Wagon "Tacoma Studios"This album tells the stories of Coyote's "nomadic life" since Christmas 2011 when he left his family to start a Kung Fu school in Las Vegas. "Use Me" tells the story of this adventure that laid the foundation for the next couple years of hardship for our Zen Pup.

Visit these websites for more information:

1. Use Me
2. High School Graduation Reunion
3. Scorpion Resurrection
4. Secret Asian Girl
5. Rock Me Hard
6. Kung Fu Cowboy 2
7. Take Me Apart
8. End Of The Line
9. Honor and Obey, Cherish and Protect
10. Black Hills Ride
11. Starting Over Again
12. End Of The Line - Scott Mix


Coyote Radio Tujunga

14 songs recorded by THC THE HIPPY COYOTE of the Buddhist folk rock group, AMERICAN ZEN, in Tujunga, California, between 2002 and 2004.

Coyote recorded these songs LIVE, sometimes while performing for his young son Rory, as he sang him to sleep each day as a Mr. Mom.
1. All Around The World
2. Don’t Push Me
3. In Dreams
4. Dear Mom
5. Don’t Make Me Laugh
6. Black Of Night
7. Christ Killer
8. What Do You See?
9. In Line
10. Backseat Love
11. Hurts To Know
12. The End The Horizon
13. Spirit Gun
14. Don’t Forget



PART 1 of the LEVEL 4 series of albums by American Zen, tells the story of King Solomon and his head architect, Hiram Abif. This story of Hiram being murdered while protecting the secrets of a Master Mason, is a significant starting point for modern day Freemasons.

KUNG FU COWBOY PART 1 starts with cowboys around a campfire after theCivil War.

The next song is about King Solomon and Hiram Abif as children.

The album ends with Hiram being murdered in the Temple and King Solomon still hunting for his body.

Coyote determinationThis is the 4th LEVEL of Zen Buddhism and the 4th album by American Zen that details this spiritual journey.

Follow Coyote's travels at his current website, www.KungFuCowboy.com

He'll back here, after the album is done to record some music videos for this new album titled, KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE.

Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1 will tell the story of King Solomon constructing his Temple in Jerusulem.



The Hippy Coyote IS the folk rock troubadour.


One man.

One band.

One way.

American Zen

Hippy Coyote
American Zen


SAMPLE song from PART 2:
"Dizzy, My Toxic Daughter"

ROUGH TRACKS from upcoming album LEVEL 4 = KUNG FU COWBOY by American Zen.


LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy

Coyote is chomping at the bass
Coyote eating his vitamin "B"


LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me
CD imprint Label of LEVEL 3

Download the album and/or songs from the

CD album LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME by American Zen
LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love me
at the L3 CD WEBSITE.


CD website for LEVEL 1 Peace Of Mind by American Zen
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This CD Website contains some poetry, lyrics, stories, press reviews, song samples and downloads.

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